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June 4, 2012
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Lyle Mallery by GingerLisous Lyle Mallery by GingerLisous
I rp through note, comment, or skype [ask for my skype name and link your app]

:bulletgreen:Name: Lyle Mallery

:bulletpurple:Nickname: Avian Abomination [Kama], Pervert [Amsu] Mine, Birdy [Raaka]

-Age: 24 [app is outdated]

-Species: Northern Mocking…

-Height: 6,2

:bulletred: Speciality/Talents:

:bulletgreen:Singing: Not only can he sing with his own voice, he can add in other famous singer voices in the mix, but he normally sings french music ans sounds like this…
:bulletgreen:Copying Voices: Being a mocking bird he can imitate other people's voices as well as his local sounds
:bulletgreen: Sewing: He is well kept about his clothes and can mend from stitches to making shirts or pants.
:bulletgreen: Comforting : His soft feathered tail is one of the tools he uses to comfort as well as his hugs to calm clients as well as cuddling~
:bulletgreen: Massages - Hes pretty good with dem hands eue
:bulletgreen: Baking, Cooking, and Mixing cocktails - be warned though, chances are he'll spike them
:bulletgreen: Cosplaying- He's got some costumes of his own he uses for his services
:bulletgreen: Cleaning - He's a bit of a clean fanatic
:bulletgreen:BSDM - nuff said

:bulletorange: Wealth: $130,225.50

Suite Rent Date: Dec 12 2013

:bulletyellow: Likes
Spots! - Hes got an extreme fetish for any kind of spot or form of speckle
Cupcakes - Loves them to death!
Sex - Obviously ~
His Rubber Duckies - Don't ask what they can do~
Dressing Up-- He likes to cosplay not only for clients but for lovely pets too.
Himself~: He's a bit vain but loves his his Hair the most

:bulletyellow: Dislikes
Hot foods-- like in spicy
Being too quiet ---he has to make a noise...any kind. He can't stand everything being quiet
Competition - He will compete to prove hes got the guts for it~
Being rejected - yeah hes pretty persistent and doesn't like rejection much
Crying - he hates it when he makes other cry
Messes: He hates it when things are not at their proper place, hes a bit OCD when his stuff is laid out and about and not cleaned
:bulletpurple: Personality:

Known now as the most flirtatious bird in Eden, he is Mr. Wonderful...or should I say Mr. Pervert as well~.

Lyle acts like a gentlemen when you first meet him, he is full of compliments and uses his wits and charming words to sweep pets off their feet, he always says something good about everyone's looks to make them feel special, it helps to be clean freak too for he keep good care for his body and looks.

But beware this bird is extremely flirtatious and has a habit for stalking--which he plainly says hes only observing--- He's a bit clingy and very very persistent in getting what he wants, he is a bit selfish and often jumps in without anyone's consent. He is a lurker but he easily cleans that up with his charming acts.

Even though he can be seen as a pervert, later on pets start to see him as caring, honest, and good partner. He does have a heart under his frantic love sprees. He's also a neat freak, always changes the sheets after hes done *ahem* and goes nuts if anything is out of place >~>

:bulletgreen: History:

Since he was a boy[chick], he was born an raised among other birds along with some of his own kind in France out in the countryside. His parents, like all the other birds were pets and been well kept enclosed in a large pavilion garden house belonging to an elderly rich women who had a love for birds and owned a 20 acre home. The large estate homed over thirty birds included a few mocking birds like Lyle [His parents and older sister]. But like the other birds, each of them had a job to do, and that was to tend to her every need. He was the baby of the flock, an the most pampered.

Lyle received the most attention unlike the other chicks in the garden house. Unlike the rest or the birds who ere taught how to clean, cook, and tended the gardens...he was more educated in etiquette of how a lady should be treated and been taught a few tricks how to woo them. Lyle was the only bird that was allowed to explore outside of the garden house and walk around the estate while that others stayed in their enclosed environment. You can say he lived a very spoiled life unlike his other friends. Lyle spent more time by the lady's side than even her two eldest sons. His job was to sing and entertain his mistress, with his gift of copying voices, his songs were often copies of original singers. Corrupted by jealousy, the other birds hardly talked to Lyle, thus rarely ever see him in the garden house. He ha become isolated by his own kind.

Lyle also had another issue that separated him from the flock. As Lyle grew up from a chic to a young adult, he grew to like males over females; he actually hated the female birds. He found them picky, clinging, nagging, and unamused. Though Lyle would entertain human females, he disliked hanging around females of his on kind. Lyle was once given chance to breed with another wealthy man's female that his mistress bought for him in able to expand the mocking bird colony in her pavilion garden, but Lyle refused to even call out for her or even perform a mating dance for her. Instead, Lyle tried to woo the female's older brother [that was suppose to mate with his older sister] that came along with her. This was a shocker to most of the birds, but not so much with the mistress's two elder sons.

Lyle shared an interesting relationship with the sons, which only heighten his liking for men even more. When the mistress slept, either one of the sons would take Lyle from his cage and take out their jealousy and secret intimacy on Lyle. Lyle learned overtime to let the sons do as they please, because he didn't want his mistress to get heartbroken if she found out. He didn't want her to find out, him being the pampered pet, he was just being given more attention and he loved it. This had continued on even after the sons married, he had become their personal love machine and was used whenever they found time too.

Then on one foggy morning, his mistress fell ill with a terrible fever. Given her condition, Lyle knew he wouldn't last long. He sang her one last song before she died, and made a promise that he continuing using his gift and take care of himself. But Lyle was shoved to his cage shortly after her death by the two eldest sons so that he would not attend the funeral. It wasn't till the hearing of the mistress's will that changed Lyle's lifestyle forever. Lyle was bond to own the estate and the brothers would only have little of the fortune. For a bird to take away all the family wealth was not acceptable. The family would not allow this to happen.

As only a week passed since the funeral, Lyle was released from his cage and was to be sent over to claim his inheritance, but instead he found himself being taken to an exotic bird trade off in the middle of the night. He had been tricked like the rest of his family and friends as they were sold and taken to different places. With Lyle gone, the brothers had lied making it look like Lyle was a traitor as a servant and a pet to their mother, by leaving his inheritance and make it seemed like he refused to come to her funeral. The brothers won the case and claimed the estate while Lyle was sent away from home.

This was probably the first that Lyle was ever treated like an animal, he was not only been treated like a human, he hardly new how to act like a bird besides his singing skills. For a month he remained in the trades until representatives from the "Master" arrived to an auction where Lyle was being sold off. Because of his exotic trait of mimicking voices and being fairly educated, he was bought for a very high price and was sent away to the island.

Lyle has no regrets of being sold, he actually found his new home boring now that he can being as loud as he wants without any the sons getting after him, not to mention there was plenty of boys on the island to play with now.

:bulletblue: Classes: 1st Semester: Martial Arts/Selfdefense and Politics

:bulletblue: Dorm: Jonquille 3rd Floor Penthouse

:bulletyellow: Other:

Personal Sayings:

"The trick is use what you have~, not what you don't~"
"What are you talking about I'm gorgeous~" *flips hair*
"I know~, I am beautiful aren't I? <3"
"Well well, Bonjour mon le fleur~" *kisses palm*

:bulletpurple:Expect him to be clingy, he loves to be around people.....all the time....even know for sneaking into other peoples beds at night so remember for people in Jonquille, lock your doors and windows

:bulletpurple:His clients are usually older males to first time virgin males for paid intimate work. He does perform playful acts and sing for groups. But he also performs BDSM for some of his clients

:bulletpurple:He has a double ring tattoo on each shoulder and some on his eyelids

:bulletpurple: His tracker is located on his necklace collar.

:bulletpurple: He will stop when he sees someone cry, he can go very far and sometimes a bit overboard, but crying is is weakness that can make him stop

:bulletgreen: Partner[s]:

1. Emil [First Love:heart:]--

2. Raaka [His feathers belong to him -3-] --…

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ahh, would you like to rp sometime? o u o
GingerLisous Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
of course! ouo whose your character?
GingerLisous Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
www so cute^^ you can note me anytime for the first post ouo
CrackFaery Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lyle has been deducted 100k for purchasing the penthouse suite on the third floor~ The next rent shall come around December 12, 2013
GingerLisous Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay thank you very much <3

Lyle: Turkish bath here I come! *runs*
CrackFaery Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
np~ X3 haha have fun with your bath Lyle eue~
gorocile Oct 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Pretty wings ^u^
GingerLisous Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
why thank you^^
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